Why Small Businesses Need Strong Logos

You've heard the old saying about exactly how we get only one chance to create a good first impression. For a small business, branding is that opportunity. And more frequently than not, it's a missed opportunity.

I think, roughly 95 percent of small businesses have an unhealthy logo -- meaning it delivers a neutral or negative brand promise. If your organization is in the minority and embraces the energy of its brand, this really is great news, because you're already standing out.

A strong brand, after all, inspires consumers who have no prior knowledge or experience together with your company to believe that you deliver a fantastic product or service.

What's more, with no strong logo, you might never get the opportunity to prove your quality to consumers. If your branding does not allow it to appear to be you do great work, consumers may pick a competitor instead.

Give your brand the eye it deserves.

"Giving attention" means that the logo you select to represent your organization won't be an afterthought; instead, it will define your entire brand.

Yes, starting or growing a company is an arduous experience that involves many considerations and a careful utilization of precious resources. But when making decisions about how exactly to invest your time, energy and capital, you should understand that in today's marketplace, you cannot afford to shortchange your branding. It's likely the single most significant decision you'll make.

Follow these five tips to produce a Buy Images, Logos and Videos that will build a powerful foundation for the brand, and ultimately will empower your organization to thrive.

1. Don't be generic.

First, ensure that your logo is clear and easy to interpret, because there aren't the years of brand recognition behind you that ensure that people will associate your name together with your product or service.

Second, unlike large companies, there isn't the large advertising budget needed to brand icons too generic to help consumers understand the nature of your business.

In a nutshell, then, your logo must convey that which you do and who you are, and leave an optimistic brand impression. This is exactly why business logo design is really a different animal from corporate logo design. Corporations can throw enough money into marketing to make sure that people associate any symbol or graphic using their name.

Small businesses don't have that luxury: Each impression is so important. You'll need to rapidly connect together with your audience members and let them have something to latch on to -- at the same time that you let them have something disruptive in your competitive space.

2. Pick typography that reflects that which you stand for.

The great majority of business brands are built upon two primary elements: their typographic elements and their graphic or iconic element. Together, these factors form the basic structure for most logo designs.

Close to the graphic element or icon, the typography utilized in your logo design is the most critical choice that a developer makes in representing your business brand. Typography communicates much about your brand -- whether it's a brand name that's whimsical or elegant, established or common, fresh or futuristic. Your typography should maintain harmony with, and balance with, the graphic or icon in order to optimize the audience's first impression.

3. Choose colors wisely.

Certain industries have very typical color palettes that are traditional to their industry. For example, heating and air-con companies often use red and blue in their branding.

But, try to think outside of the box when devising your brand colors. Look closely at your competitors, then choose a shade scheme unlikely to be confused with that of existing brands. Again, consider being disruptive in your space by choosing unique hues.

4. Consider how your logo will soon be used.

Whenever feasible, avoid employing a logo that will require lots of explanation. If your small company depends on outdoor media, such as for example signs or vehicles, a wonderful icon is particularly important. It will link the viewer to the message, quickly and efficiently. One particular test is to cover up the lettering and simply consider the graphic. Does it provide the viewer an idea regarding the nature of the business enterprise?

Additionally, it is vitally vital that you take into account the big picture. How is the logo planning to try the various executions of the brand? Does it thrive in one format, but suffer in another? Or, are there certain marketing channels you may use as time goes on, wherein the logo should work nicely? Consider these future projects before finalizing your logo design:

  • Business cards and stationery: Consider how your logo can look on your own card. Think in terms of different features, such as for example two-sided cards, rounded corners and unique paper stocks.
  • Signage: Resist the urge to change your logo's proportions to fit the available space.
  • Vehicles: Ensure your trucks are made to be more noticeable rather than easily fit into, together with your branding as the primary message.
  • Uniforms: Employees are your brand ambassadors, so make certain they are dressed neatly and professionally -- and all brand colors are integrated.
  • Web design: Your website should integrate your branding in its design and architecture, and should clearly and thoroughly relay your brand promise.

Social media marketing: Change your logo on your own profiles and use your social media marketing channels to announce your brand-new look.

5. Hire a pro.

With so much of your success riding how well your branding performs, this isn't the area to cut corners. Yet, so many businesses search for the most inexpensive option, because they don't really understand the value of a good brand and how it'll affect their odds of success.

The most crucial section of any branding exercise is definitely an open dialogue between the brand strategist and the client. Choose a company where you'll speak directly with anyone developing your brand. Ensure all artwork created is original, not derived from clip art. Choose a company with an intensive understanding of all those applications where your brand eventually will soon be deployed.

Build a foundation.

With so many small businesses suffering from poor brands, you are able to be unique and stand out. One look at your logo should provide a fair expectation of a good experience. The logo may be the hub for the brand and sets the stage for all your strategic messaging.

In the event that you create a logo that will build a strong foundation for the brand, you'll empower your business to thrive.

How successful is Instagram for Business

There are over 700 million users on Instagram and this is the main reason that most of the people are doing business on Instagram.

There are over 700 million users on Instagram and this is the main reason that most of the people are doing business on Instagram. As Instagram is more popular nowadays than Facebook and Twitter so most people are moving towards Instagram for their businesses and popularity. The people are more engaged in this media than any other media. The marketing has become easier for businessmen to market their product to a more targeted audience. Now users can publish photos and videos to an Instagram Business Profile using a third party platform. Instagram users are comprised of people with the age of 18 to 29. These users are 59% of the total users. For making your business more successful, you should be active on Instagram so that to make a strong relationship with your followers and customers. There are so many tips to do successful business on Instagram.

1- Make a Relationship with the People:

The first thing you have to do on Instagram is to make a strong relationship with the people. You should talk to the people regarding your business. Also, show the astonishing pictures of your products to the people. For example, if you are doing the business of restaurants then show photos of different dishes. The people get attracted to the photos and also want to visit the restaurant. You can also share the pictures of staff of the restaurant. By this, the engagement rates will be higher.

2- Show Creativity in Your Content:

You should add the creativity in your content so that you can get the higher audience rate on your profile. Give value to your customers to build a strong bond between you and your followers. As Instagram is the visual content so that you have to post the high-quality photos of your brand like Embroidery digitizing and do the promotion of your products. Think about what is the nature of your work and what type of product you are selling. If you are doing the business in which more attention is towards the services, then try to upload the photos of the process behind providing the service. Keep this thing in mind that your products are related to your followers. For example, if you are a beautician, then try to approach that audience who is a beauty lover.

3- Expand Your Reach With Hashtags:

Hashtags are the easiest way to increase the reach on your profile. The hashtags should be relevant to your content and product. First of all, set up the hashtag which is related to your brand or your company. Also, you can use it on other media like Twitter so that people can easily recognize your company through that specific hashtag. You can also use popular hashtags to increase the reach. For example, if you are a beautician on Instagram then you can use the popular hashtag #beauty. You can also keep this strategy in mind that how and where you are using these hashtags. You can add a hashtag in a comment or at the end of the post.

4- Build Anticipation and Offer Exclusively:

You should build interest among the customers related to your product or brand. Also, reward them with different products of your brand so that people become thankful to you and thus the engagement rates will be higher. You should post the teaser photos in your stories so that people got interested in your products and also wait for your new products.

5- Instagram Ads:

Instagram Ads is also a great way to become successful on Instagram regarding your business. Now as a businessman, you have the option to take the help of ads on Instagram to grow their account. There are three types of ads you can use for advertisement. Photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads. Photo ads have the sponsored label above the photo. There is a button at the bottom right corner under the photo called Learn More. Similar is the case with video ads. Carousel is similar to the photo ads but they have multiple photos.

6- Collaboration:

Instagram is all about collaboration. Instagram is highlighting collaborators and sharing customers. If you fundraise or give a charity, then it will also favorable for your brand. Now in this way, you are giving value to your brand. If you use hashtags in your posts, then it will also helpful for you to get noticed but there are some people who do not use hashtags for research. So you can also tag the people for a better approach. Another thing for collaboration is using shout-outs. Shout-outs mean that you and your partner are sharing your followers to promote each other. You both have increased exposure and benefit each other.

7- Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is helping a lot for Instagrammers who are promoting their business. It's easy for brands to become more popular on Instagram. You give payment to influencer and then influencer promotes your account and increases your exposure. You should find different accounts that will be a perfect match for what you are trying to promote. There are also websites available on the internet that is helping the business people to find the best influencers for your business and then with the passage of time, you got success in your business on Instagram.

8- Instagram Tools for Business:

There are different tools available on Instagram which the people and different brands are using to promote their business. The first thing to get more exposure to your brand is to increase the likes on Instagram and followers on your account. Likegrowers is doing a good job in getting the Instagram likes and followers on your account. Hootsuite is the tool which helps you schedule your posts. The other tools to promote the business on Instagram are Owlmetrics, VSCO, Later, Woobox, Canva, Linktree, Ink361, and Juicer.

Final Thoughts:

From the above discussion, we have come to know that Instagram is the most successful media for businessmen and brands to promote their business. Due to its large number of users, your brand gets more exposure to expand your business. On Instagram, you should come to know how to expand your business after getting all those ideas discussed above. Use Instagram tools, use Influencer marketing, and use high-quality content and many more to become successful on Instagram.

Find A Good Driving School In Salisbury United Kingdom

Finding a good driving school is the first step in getting a driving permit which is mandatory in all the countries of the world to be able to drive an automobile in that country.

Finding a good driving school is the first step in getting a driving permit which is mandatory in all the countries of the world to be able to drive an automobile in that country. Learning to drive may be easy, but being allowed to drive is the important thing. Given the nature of driving and the potential hazards of speed, it is no wonder that driving regulations are very strict. Indeed, getting one is an achievement and an event to celebrate.

Finding a good driving school is key to getting a driving license. Even good drivers need driving lessons. Especially if they come from another country, they have to relearn driving, according to the driving rules of that country, like the side of the road you are supposed to keep, the side the steering wheel, and the penalty structure for driving offenses.

What are the characteristics of a good driving school?

Preparing the learner for the driving test is an important task of the driving school. Towards this end also, the following are necessary in a good driving instructors Salisbury .

Professional Instructors - who make it possible for their students to learn how to drive a car by feeling the responsibility of actually applying what is taught to them.

Theory Test- it is always good to be tested on the theoretical knowledge that is necessary for a driver. In some countries it is mandatory to take a theory test, usually online.

Skill training is complementary to the theory study, where actual skills are taught which are exclusively required for driving in that particular terrain and according to the road plans and rules. Emphasis is given to the need to perfect general skills like maneuvering the vehicle, parking, etc. all of which are tested by the authorities during the actual driving test.

Good facilities - like a large area for learning to navigate etc.

Comprehensive driving test- some schools conduct a theory and skills test on their own, so you could ask contacts for referrals of those schools.

How to locate a good driving school

It is best to locate one in your neighborhood itself. This makes it easy to go for lessons. You can ask around in your neighborhood for one of good repute and satisfying the above conditions. You can check online and take down the contact details of a few to get competitive rates.

What are the benefits of going to a super drive academy.

Personal training

The instructors train new drivers at a personal level, about the rules and procedures of the road. It is one thing to learn theoretically, but quite another when you are in the middle of the road driving amongst others who may or may not follow the rules. Teens especially benefit in this aspect.

Confidence Building of the right kind

Overconfidence and lack of confidence are the two demons that face new drivers. Teens usually fall in the first category which gets them into trouble with the authorities for speeding and not following traffic rules. Lack of confidence has you freeze up in anxiety when faced with an unexpected problem on the road like your car engine suddenly dying out.

Preparing Teens for the road - Teaching a teen to drive can be a trying experience for a parent who is concerned about his car as well! It is best to send them to a driving school from where they emerge as responsible drivers, leaving the brashness or diffidence behind.

5 actions to implement for the sustainable growth of a business

Assemble, sell, repeat. This has turned into the prevailing system suggested for business people today. While quickly propelling a company they can sell may work for a few, shouldn't something be said about those keen on structure a business they can keep? Organizations are operated for a higher number of reasons than selling at first chance. Owning a business can be an opportunity to fabricate something unmistakable, convey what needs be, and make a long haul venture. Instead of focus for the leave, build a business you can keep with these nine propensities for energizing long haul business achievement.

  • 1.Getting Financially stable

A shockingly high number of business people are ignorant regarding their financials. Maintaining a business includes a ton of moving parts. What's more, maybe the boss among them is following salary and costs. Assigning this to an accountant is fine, yet it's prescribed to progress toward becoming at any rate to some degree acquainted with the procedure yourself. A well-kept budgetary record makes a record of business value. It's likewise significant for making insightful projections about business development.

  • 2.Development Focus

From early stages to development, entrepreneurs regularly rotate their business to where they see progress after some time. Is your company developing every year deliberately or would you say you are stepping water? Restrictive ideas, innovation, and methods can make open doors for business development. Picture your business quite a while from now. Find open doors for development and create methodologies for profiting by them. With original projections available, you'll have the option to answer when opportunity thumps. Stay concentrated to execute on the chance and rotate as required.

  • 3.Setting up Autonomous Operations

Organizations ready to work freely of a single individual or entity are commonly more qualified for the whole deal. Depending too intensely on an only leader, worker, provider, and so on is dangerous. If the individual or business ends up inaccessible, it can influence tasks and income. Making set up procedures, finessing them for proficiency, and advancing them among workers can help add to self-sufficiency. The right ways can also help save time devoted to preparing new workers and increment work environment security.

  • 4.Creating Recurring Revenue Streams

Sales are a vital piece of making a benefit. Repeating sales help set up steady and predictable profits. Selling an occupation at any given moment or completing erratic tasks can pay the bills yet leave the future risk.

  • 5.Embracing A Profit-First strategy

Maybe counter-intuitive to what most business people have been told, putting benefit initially can help advance development. Instead of following the standard equation (subtracting costs from deals for a profit), change the math. Devoting a set add up to benefits means subtracting benefits from sales for an extra sum, which is then utilized for costs. This might be a new area. However, a developing number of business people have announced encountering active development using this technique.

Owning a business for the long term can be diligent work and an awkward encounter; however, for some, the reward far exceeds whatever else. Implementing these habits for energizing business success can help steer your organization toward long haul success.

Read more at https://arkconsolecommands.com/ark-survival-evolved-item-ids-cheats-list/

Promo designs are significant for success

Marketing and promotion in general terms mean awareness about the product and services. It is the backbone of any business. There are a number of ways for promoting your ideas and brand, but now the most famous one is engaging celebrities. Not as brand ambassadors but as someone wearing and showing off your logo. Quite a number of companies are providing this service such as embroidery digitizing.

Gone are them times when people used to knit designs on their ensembles. Now digitizing has made lives advanced. From drawing a flower to building houses every thing has changed, technology has touched each and every corner of our lives. Now designs are digitally drawn and impressed on our favorite piece of cloth.

One might think that why would we need a logo on shirts and jackets? When there are 9ther options on social media etc. Let us check whether it is worthwhile or not


The promotional schemes through tees and blazers with an exceptionally unique and attractive logo is a cheaper way. If someone really wants to advertise through this strategy then the first key factor is the price. The companies and distributors must keep the price as low as possible in order to achieve a wide range of customers. Most people would not care about the brand you are promoting instead they would just buy those shirts because the logo on it will be attractive or colorful. So this is why having a unique logo is important.

2.A business card

Mugs and other items with your logo on it will work for your business card as well. You do not have to greet people in parties while giving them your business card. I think if you want to promote your brand you must keep an eye on the upcoming events and call a logo designer for designing the best possible logo. Then impress these designs on some mugs and give away those utensils for the function.

According to some surveys almost 70% people claimed that they remember such promotional products more than those which they see on a billboard.

3.Gifts will bring customers

As a result of this gift spree people will evaluate your brand. The quality of the give away will decide about the trust and loyalty of the upcoming customers. The more you shower them with quality gifts the more they will be attracted towards your brand.

4.Wider exposure

Most people do not care of what an ad has to say on a YouTube video, similarly in this busy life people are unable to get time for watching t.v commercials. That is why of you are trying this strategy then there is a high chance that your targeted audience is frequently watching the logo. Which means indirect advertisements are happening 24/7.


Promotional products with your exquisite logo on it can drive a huge number of customers in a very economical way. There are a few intricacies that can be managed with creativity and uniqueness and in the end the product or service you are delivering clears all the doubts so focus on the product quality as well.

Chargeback Management Company in 2019

Chargeback refers to the reversal of credit card funds paid by the customer to purchase goods and services.

Chargeback refers to the reversal of credit card funds paid by the customer to purchase goods and services. In most cases, chargeback occurs when the client disputes a purchase made using their credit card due to fraud.

The credit company involved reverses the charge to re-pay the buyer, and they debit the from the merchant's account.

According to Forbes, merchants are parting with approximately $190 billion annually due to credit card fraud. Furthermore, Customers of banks are losing roughly $4.8 billion, and the banks lose an additional $11 billion.

Chargebacks are a considerable problem, leading to a loss of $140 billion in the U.S.A alone. Worse still for retailers, these chargebacks are always costly on the side of the merchant as it obviously cuts down their profit margins and they may also incur a penalty in the event of too many chargebacks on a continual basis.

Enter chargeback management companies

Chargeback management companies grew out of this background to service this growing discontent among sellers. "Why do we always end up paying for fraud?" they ask.

There is no 'one size fits all' approach for chargeback management companies. However, the best companies will cover both problems facing most online sellers (especially those in risky businesses), namely prevention and also being advocates to fight for chargebacks to be returned.

Prevention is obviously the first step. All companies will supply at least the basic service of prevention through alerts. These pre-chargeback alerts help the seller to identify the problem before it gets out of hand (meaning they lose money).

These alerts help online sellers immensely, but better chargeback management companies will also add extra dimensions.

The root of the cause

The best chargeback management companies will have advanced technology and years of experience at their disposal. They will identify the problem areas of your operation and suggest different ways to conduct the same operation with fewer chargebacks.

Remember that the human touch is needed, not just technology. An expert needs to evaluate your payment processing and give good sound advise based on experience.

Choose a company that will only involve you if needed, the automation should, at least, drastically reduce your workload AND the number of chargebacks.

Which are the best Chargeback management company in 2019? Below is a list to check out in 2019.

Pinpoint Payments

Pinpoint is a credit card payment and processing company that also provides chargeback management services with automated fraud prevention. The automated system will save you the fees and penalty accruing from chargebacks. Besides, the company has numerous integrations and automatic processes that help to prevent and minimize chargeback. Pinpoint manages chargebacks through :

  • Integration into several banks
  • Integration into multiple CRM services
  • Pre-chargeback notifications can stop half number of the chargebacks before they effect.
  • The automated system can handle many chargebacks without merchant's involvement.
  • Corporations with both the U.S based company and other global companies
  • Pinpoint is the authorized reseller of verifying CDRN. Pinpoint is also a master reseller of Ethoca Alerts.

    The main advantage of Pinpoint chargeback management is the automated chargeback management systems. The systems save merchant's time as some of the issues can be resolved without the merchant's involvement. However, the system can be seen by some as expensive.

    Chargeback Gurus

    This is a Texas-based company that helps you fight chargebacks through the root cause approach. The company is mainly a recovery and prevention service, and they charge a fee based on the overall volume of your chargeback. Chargeback Gurus fight to protect clients from disputes of all kinds; also, the company provides all-time solutions with a 24 -hour real-time reporting. Some of the services offered by the company include but not limited to: Business risk and vulnerability assessment, chargeback representations and recovery, Chargeback prevention, and merchant account reconciliation.

    The main advantages associated with the company include transparent pricing and return on investment disclosure, free set up, and no hidden fees. Moreover, the company works with the client one-on-one and pinpoints on the loopholes for possible fraud and non-fraud chargebacks.


    Square offers free chargeback protection of up to $250 per month and $250 per transaction made on sales and on any transaction made by using one of the Square's option. The options include Online sales, in-store, mobile, and payments for invoices, among other transactions. When you follow the payments best practices, you will be fully covered at no extra cost. It is important to note that Square does not include transactions above $250. Thus it is an ideal chargeback management company for low volume and small scale businesses. The online system ensures that your claims are correctly submitted, and after that, the situation gets out of your hand. Furthermore, Square has an in-dashboard chargeback management portal that notifies you of a dispute for you to submit supportive documents via its convenient screen.


    It is an online-focused chargeback company with a PCI-compliant system that integrates well with other online software. The chargeback management by this company works well with small businesses as it provides a backup for every approved order with a 100% chargeback without limits. Signifyd covers 100% value on any fraud-related chargeback of any kind plus the payout in two business days. Signifyd posts fraud score on every transaction. If the green light is shown against the score, then you are guaranteed 100% protection. the company also offers two kinds of insurance, namely; On-demand, you pay 4% per transaction that you choose to cover, and the second one is the complete cover. The cover includes every approved purchase at the cost of 1percent.


    It is a Florida based company with 251-500 employees. Chargebacks911 will help you to mitigate risks, lost revenue recovery, and minimizing losses due to chargebacks. The main advantages associated with the company include many integrations, dynamic transactions of different types, affiliate fraud shield, and reviewing merchant compliance history.

    However, the main disadvantages associated with the company is that it is expensive due to its costly premium services.

    Why you should use a chargeback management company

    Outsourcing the services of a chargeback management company is an excellent strategic move for any online business and must be tracked and understood as a critical metric.

    Why? An increase in chargeback ratio presents a clear danger to company's reputation and revenue, which is something that any savvy merchant does not want to encounter because it means that the following areas of the business are taking a massive blow for a chargeback to occur:

  • Poor customer experience
  • Poor shipment and return policies
  • Defective products or services
  • Poor billing descriptors
  • Fraudulent transactions
  • Unauthorized mail or telephone transactions
  • Invalid account or credit card number
  • Human or system error that can lead to duplicate charges or processing issues
  • When a cardholder disputes a merchant charge, and when that happens, the issuing bank debits the merchant's account for the amount of the transaction. One thing you should know is that even if a chargeback is reversed, the merchant is charged a fee by the bank and run the risk of being slapped with additional fines and penalties.

    While you may choose to issue a refund or fight the chargeback once you have been notified of the dispute, having too many chargebacks to your name will increase your chargeback ratios and result in loss of payment processing privileges and ruin your business reputation among credit card processors.

    On average, a cardholder is given up to 120 days from the date of the charge on their billing statement to initiate a dispute, and some customers can take up to 18-months initiate a chargeback transfer. But as a merchant, you can manage better yet, prevent disputed transactions, including dishonest customers who use chargeback heedlessly and protect your online business and bottom-line.

    Your first line of defense should be to hire a reputable chargeback management company because, during the dispute, a lot of detailed information regarding the transaction is required. You will need to outsource an expert to collect relevant information on your behalf and handle all the evidence and data that is forwarded by the credit card issuer about every transaction made by the customer. There also are various software and technology available, and the best thing about them is that they can be personalized and integrated with your current platforms to analyze the issues and find a solution consequently, mitigate chargebacks.

    You must be wondering, what can a chargeback management company do to help your business. Well among other aspects, you can expect the following primary services;

     Merchant account analysis

     Chargeback alerts and prevention strategies

     Chargeback representation

     Analytical reports

     Data and information compilation

    While chargebacks are usually a tiny percentage (or should be) of the total transactions, you are better off protecting your company from this irritant because chargebacks can significantly affect your business' profit and running margins.

    Some industries are highly affected by chargebacks (more than most)

    Which industries are most often flagged as 'High Risk'?

    If we look at purely online industries, we find these examples;

  • Gaming, Gambling (casinos, etc)
  • Buying Pharmaceuticals Online
  • Telemarketing
  • Event bookings (Sports, live music)
  • Travel and hotel
  • Bitcoin
  • Porn, dating and all related to adult services
  • Tobacco and E-Cigarettes
  • Trading Forex
  • The travel and hotel booking industry is one of the examples of a high chargeback industry. Unfortunately, there are the industries that people see as an easy option to fly, eat, stay, or whatever and then claim that you never used your booking and need your money back. The is quite common and is not the fault of their sectors as you can see.

    Chargeback ratio?

    High-risk industries are going to be under more scrutiny by payment processors. That is part of the job, after all. But, if the company then also has more chargebacks because of lousy payment processing or negative overall customer experience, they will soon find themselves on the Match list.

    What happens when you are on the Match list? You may find that you pay more for payment processing. This eats further into your margins (which are probably thin enough as it is) and a downward spiral will ensue if you are not careful.

    If you are in a high-risk business, you will have to live with the fact that chargebacks are a part of doing business online.

    Why chargebacks happen

    Sometimes customers have valid reasons (in their mind at least) they may not recognize the transaction or agree with the amount for example. You will NEVER get down to zero chargebacks; it is not possible.

    There is, however, a level of chargebacks that will result in you in being put on the payment processors Match list. This is a list of flagged vendors that have had more chargebacks than is usual in everyday business.

    Keep your chargebacks down below 1%, and you will never receive a warning (warnings will be issued before they put you on the list do not worry).

    How to reduce that ratio?

    Maybe you are working in one of the above high-risk industries? do not worry, though, help is at hand.

    Of course, we know that fraud is THE culprit for chargebacks, and that problem area is growing. Hire a chargeback company to check each transaction for you and to verify the whole process that you have in place.


    Chargebacks are not only costly in terms of monetary value but also from a company financial reputation perspective. Your credit rating and the rate you pay your payment processor all reflect this.

    A company offering the best in terms of customer satisfaction and security of transactions will always maintain a higher customer return rate, which results in a higher return on investment. Therefore, avoid chargebacks at all costs (where possible).

    One caveat is that many chargeback management companies advertise reductions of up to 40% if you use their services according to their guidelines. These claims can be a little misleading; however, as you do not yet know which claims they may not dispute. Not all claims become disputes with some companies. Hence, they are reducing SOME types of claims by 40% but not all.


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