Everything You Need To Know About Android APK

Software giants, like Google are disrupting the otherwise safe and established players in the mobile application development business. Newcomers like Android have led to significant structural changes on the ongoing future of mobile application development by imposing their rules. This changed environment not just brings additional opportunities, but also adds certain constraints. Developers today, need to assess their options and learn how they are able to benefit from this changed environment.

While mobile computing has caught the interest of application developers, there has been hardly any work done to examine the programming ease of the technologies. Here we will have a look at two of the very widely available mobile development environments - Android and Windows Mobile and explore and assess these options from the developer's perspective.


Android was launched by Google in 2007, being an open source platform for mobile software development for smartphones. The Android platform was released included in the Open Handset Alliance. The primary aim of this alliance was to set up open standards for smartphones 9apps fast download. Android is actually a Linux based, open source operating-system for mobiles. As a portable operating-system it allows developers to produce managed codes in Java, by using Java libraries manufactured by Google. Not merely does Android supply a mobile operating-system including a development environment, it also offers a custom virtual machine called the Dalvik Virtual Machine for running applications in addition to acts whilst the middleware in involving the os and the code. In regards to application development, Android facilitates the use of 2D in addition to 3D graphic libraries, advanced network capabilities such as 3G, Edge and WLAN and a customized SQL engine for continual storage.

Windows Mobile

Developed by Microsoft, the Window Mobile is an os for mobile devices. Based on the Microsoft Windows CE 5.0, Windows Mobile can be used as an operating system on many smartphones, PDAs and touchscreen devices. Windows Mobile facilitates the creation of custom written applications in managed as well as native codes. The Application Programming Interface (API) in Windows Mobile is extensible and has rich features plus a programmable layer. Besides that Windows Mobile also takes benefit of the capabilities supplied by Microsoft.Net environment.

We will compare these platforms and closely examine their strengths and weaknesses. The platforms is going to be compared on the foundation of implementation and performance aspects as well as developer support. We've chosen these criteria for the comparison while they represent the main aspects in regards to mobile software developers.


We use persistent storage as the basis for comparing the implementation aspect. The technology used for persistent storage in mobile technology varies between various mobile development environments. Both Windows Mobile and Android have the capacity to use an on-device database which facilitates easier manipulation in addition to extraction of data. Also, as far as local file storage is worried both environments support memory cards for extra storage space. However, the difference lies in the way the storage area is exploited. While Android cannot install applications on memory cards, Windows Mobile allows it. Both Android and Windows Mobile platforms have a relational database. Also, in both platforms the libraries have quite a few useful persistence features. When the libraries have already been initialized, access to database can be acquired via an item oriented interface which can be easily accessed by developers.


Performance figures are important for both users along with developers. The performance comparison of both platforms will undoubtedly be carried out on the basis of the file size. The essential purpose of measuring file size is to get a better notion of the configuration along with the run time dependencies which can be contained in packaged applications.

5 Exciting Apps for the Book Worm in You

As technology changes and evolves, so makes our reading habits. Usually, this old recreation activity means journeys to the library or bookstall, devices like smartphones and iPads have created reading a digital habit, one that's accessible to just about anyone, anywhere.

Apps have mainly influenced this new reading expertise, due to capabilities that cater to the individual reader and place the complete knowledge within the palm of a hand.

We've placed ten favorite book and reading apps for iOS and Android. The best part is they all are free — and would prove out to be the new obsession of each bookworm out there.

TED Books

Though you'll not have detected of TED Books, you've possibly heard TED Talks — the audible relative of those short books. TED Books area unit typically underneath 20000 words, that the app says is "long enough to unleash a robust narrative, however short enough to be scan in a single sitting." Following a similar vogue as TED Talks, the TED Books are thought-provoking and can stimulate each thought and speech.


The Goodreads app help readers to discover new books that may interest them and offers reviews, recommendations. One of its exciting features is the barcode scanner; rental users scan in books that they need found (likely in a very shop or library) and add them to their "to-read" shelf. Always remember the title of a book you'd prefer to scan again!

Free Books

The subtitle, "23,469 Classics to travel," of Free Books says it all. From Carroll to Twain and everything in between, this can be the place to travel for any (and just about any) classic book. Since both the app and also the books are gratis, it's an ideal answer for those hoping to save some cash.


Yes, iBooks are one in all those irritating auto-installed apps that can't be deleted off your iPhone — however that doesn't mean it can't be used! Maybe the simplest factor concerning iBooks is that the in-app bookshop, wherever you'll obtain and automatically transfer books then browse them, all among the app. They additionally supply a library of free books to transfer if you're searching for one thing that won't break the bank.


The Audible app is the definitive mobile app for book lovers preferring to listening over reading — or readers who are traveling on crowded trains, and listening to a book is more convenient than reading. Audible boasts the most important choice of audiobooks on the market. With excellent books browse by each their authors and Hollywood celebrities, just like the wildly hyped Rosamund Pike reading of 'Pride and Prejudice,' Audible boasts offerings for each style of a book lover.

After your thirty days free trial, Audible starts at $14.95 per month for one audiobook a month, with a half-hour discount on any further books you would like to get from the shop. Both the iOS and Android versions of the top-rated apps are in their stores.

Wrapping up

Marcus Tullius Cicero said," A room without books is a body without a soul." With technological advancement and the coming of mobile apps, we don't need to have a place stuffed with books. We can carry all our favorite books in the smallest space of our jeans or shirt or the handbag. Happy reading!

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This is Sharon Winget, Staff Writer with GoodFirms, a review and rating platform of top IT companies & software. A tech geek at heart, I firmly believe technology can transform societies. I enjoy blogging about web design, email marketing, and content marketing.

5 Reasons Why PieSync's Hubspot Mailchimp Integration Works The Best

Ever try to use an integration for your website so your getting the most from the back end of your business? Well this hubspot mailchimp integration will help


Mail Chimp is a popular email marketing tool. It enables marketers to carry out pre-made campaigns. The application has tons of customizable templates for targeted campaigns and automated emails.

Hubspot is a popular inbound marketing tool. It helps marketers with email campaigns, social media marketing, and landing page creation, but that's not all.

The software can help you with blogging, managing content, and tracking website activity. On their own they are powerful, but can you imagine a HubSpot MailChimp integration?

In this post, we discuss five reasons why PieSync's Hubspot Mailchimp integration works the best.

1. Enables Seamless Two-Way Sync

The HubSpot MailChimp integration allows marketers to sync between MailChimp HubSpot. It also allows syncing with other cloud applications. This is possible without switching between cloud apps or importing and exporting data.

To do so, you need to connect PieSync to your account. This is very simple. Sign in with your credentials, and the app will do the rest. While signing in, you have the option of selecting the Mailchimp audience you would like to sync.

If you already synced using other PieSync integration, you can skip and select from Connected. Want to sync more than one audience? Authorize PieSync HubSpot MailChimp integration to do so.

2. Access to Real-Time Data

With PieSync MailChimp HubSpot integration, your customer data is synced across your devices. As such, no errors or duplicates will be present. With these, you can now build your business and increase your brand awareness.

Not only that. PieSync helps to fill the data gaps between marketing, customer care, and sales. As such, your marketing team will have access to up to date customer data that is error free. This data is important for the modern sales process.

Learn more about PieSync sync engine and how it can help your business.

3. Increase Your Profit

Using PieSync HubSpot MailChimp integration can increase your profits. How? The integration cuts the tedious task of manually importing and exporting data. Also, it eliminates back office operations, such as manual data entry.

Thanks to the automatic syncing feature, you have control over your apps and integrations. For instance, MailChimp Magento, and MailChimp Eventbrite, among others. With your up to date data, you can break down data silos and make high-level data-driven decisions.

This gives your team peace of mind, and you no longer have to worry if your data or reports are inaccurate.

4. Easy to Scale

As a business grows, so does your customer base. This means more customer data for the business. With PieSync HubSpot MailChimp integration, you can scale as you grow.

For instance, you can have several teams working and managing your customer data.

By doing so, your team will be on the same page. Also, you can add more members to your team and choose to share part or all your customer data. With these, you can build an all-around customer view.

Want to know the good news? No coding required.

5. Intuitive and Secure

The PieSync MailChimp HubSpot integration has an intuitive interface. As such, it is easy to use, easy to understand, and set up is straightforward. Want to know how it works?

When you hook up the integration, it works in the background by syncing your customer data in real time. This ensures consistency across all your cloud apps.

Getting the Most out of Hubspot MailChimp Integration

You can always get the most out of HubSpot MailChimp integration. How? If a new subscriber or existing subscriber is added to an audience, the data is updated.

You can also create a new engagement, add a contact to workflow and send a campaign draft.

Loved our post on why Hubspot Mailchimp Integration works best for your business? Check out our other articles and be informed.

Best Andriod Apps to Download in 2019

Applications can be of great help in our daily busy life. Whether you are looking up for recipes, workout guides, styling tips, editing photos, taking notes or planning schedules applications can be your savior. But with Playstore bustling with a large number of applications, it becomes difficult to find the best ones even from the editorial choices. Therefore we have prepared the list of the most beneficial and must-have Android applications to make your life smooth and easy.

  • App Tiles

App Tiles a free Android application that allows you to manage a large number of already downloaded apps. It lets you create shortcuts for applications on your notification screen or home screen so that you don't have to exit them time and again to gain access to the apps. App Tiles is for people who use a large number of applications in day to day life.

  • Photo Watermark

Photo Watermark lets you add watermark to your photos and images. It has a variety of watermark options that can be in the form of custom text ( size, font, color) or even in the form of signature. In addition, you can also use a timestamp, sticker, location, mosaic effect or graffiti for your photos. This application is for free but displays lots of advertisements. To eliminate ads you will have to buy a monthly subscription of $0.99.

  • StoryZ Photo Motion And Cinemagraph

This particular photo editing application has two parts. One is 'Ripple' mode that allows you to add flow or movement to static images by drawing and directing the motion that you want to apply. Second is 'Motion' mode that allows you to blend photos with videos that results in partially static and partially in motion images'.

  • Kinemaster

Kinemaster is already popular as one of the best video editor application for Android. It lets you insert visual and audio effects to clips, along with stickers, text, overlays, etc. With this app, you can trim and alter videos, adjust speed, add transition and motion effects and lot of other stuff. You can use this app free if you don't mind Kinemaster's watermark on your videos. IF you want to use videos without watermarks for commercial purposes and utilize additional tools then you may have to pay a monthly subscription of $3.70 each month.

  • Houzz

If you are an interior designer or looking for inspiration to decorate or refurbish your home then this application is for you. This app has various sections with an enormous database of more than 16 million images to give you inspiration and décor ideas. Additionally, these photos can be filtered according to your rooms, taste, style, and theme. Houzz also allows you to shop products and materials from app and aids you with a special tool that utilizes augmented reality to give you an idea about how a particular product or upholstery would look in your home. Apart from these there are various articles and videos on remodeling and decorating your home and the entire community through which you can hire professionals for getting your work done.

  • Writer Tools

Writer Tools makes the strenuous and daunting task of any writer simple and easy by letting them create locations and characters. These particular sections store all the important notes and make them readily accessible to the writer. It has built-in thesaurus which aids in jotting down ideas, descriptions, notes, and create different timelines while setting writing goals. It also provides cloud storage for your data with a reduced risk of losing your work. This all tools are for free but come along with ads that can be avoided by paying a monthly fee of $4.99.

  • OfficeSuite

If you work in an organization then this is one of the best apps for creating documents, presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc on go. It lets you start from square one or provides templates as a starting point. You can save documents on cloud or share them, access two different docs with aid of split screen, cast presentations on multiple devices and much more.

Final Conclusion

No doubt apps have made our lives smooth and bearable, but while downloading them you need to be careful as they can carry malware or viruses that can infect your device. For securing your phone from such malware download applications like QuickHeal before installing other apps.

Should we ban homework in primary schools?

Homework is the work, which is meant to be done at home. Learners have to do this to help them keep remembering what they have studied at school. With this practice will continue on the topic they have learned and it will save in their mind forever and can describe the topic anywhere clearly. A lesson plan should include sufficient time to learn, absorb, rehearse, and integrate the lesson into memory. It should not intrude into the rest of the child's life, which should be occupied in learning other valuable life lessons.Assigning massive amounts of homework indicates massive incompetence, laziness, and failure, which may lead to students failing. This concurs with the saying that states work without play makes jack a dull boy.

It should be there to make them recap whatever they have learned. Doing that greatly improves learning. This stands to be one among the many reasons it should not be banned, but only to the extent that it doesn't start stressing them out.The evidence so far seems to suggest that homework for primary school children is certainly an activity that should be considered.This is as a result of the benefits it has. However, it will have no positive impact if it is given in large amounts forcing students to spend all their time in the books. It should be given in consideration with the grade. Lower grade students should have very little amount as compared to the higher grades .It should however not take more than 2 hours in completing it.

Through the process of tackling it, you are naturally forced to apply whatever concepts you have been taught during which you encounter difficulties, attempt to resolve those difficulties, and finally gain a better understanding of the topic.It is given to help children consolidate the concepts that they have learnt and practice the skills they have newly gained. Once it's beneficial to revise after 24 hours/48 hours. However, it is painful especially for elementary school and middle school, but it is necessary to figure out what you do and don't like or at least what you're good at. A lot of the time people will succeed because of the stymies in the discoveries. But you've got to learn early on that being curious enough to punch through that is worth the result. Homework helps you ascertain that, whether you like it or not. Just like anything else, if it isn't for you, you'll figure another way out or fail out.

Home assignments are designed by subject teachers to give students opportunity to interact with the topics in detail. The tasks are not allotted to put additional burden but to make children reflect on what they have learned. Schools today are following a more progressive system of education, which focuses on a hands-on approach to learning rather than rote learning. In fact, schools are increasingly discouraging home tuition as children are unnecessarily pressurized. Hence, teachers are introducing innovative and interesting tasks to be done at home that would ensure revisiting of the concepts as well as a direct experience of what they are learning. Students are much more excited about such projects and perform them with great enthusiasm. The pressure is felt when students try to juggle too many activities outside of school hours. It is important students and parents have an open conversation and identify how much free-time is available on a daily basis to structure a balanced schedule that maximizes learning and wellbeing. In conclusion, homework should be given in fair amount for it to beneficial to the students.

Broly is superior to the unique version of the character, Here's why

In the ongoing DBS: Broly motion picture fans were acquainted with an all-new form of Broly. Contrasted with the first there were a few prominent changes to his character. Gives up over them in detail.

Initially showing up in the 1993 motion picture, Dragon Ball Z: Broly-The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly was displayed as the genuine Saiyan of Legend with Power that was equaled by none. This film was a noteworthy hit and brought about a few motion picture spin-offs, appearances in recreations and that's just the beginning. Broly immediately transformed into one of the fans record-breaking top picks. Be that as it may, he was never made ordinance until the ongoing DBS: Broly motion picture. Broly got a noteworthy reboot not exclusively to his character structure yet additionally to his backstory and capacities. This refreshed adaptation of Broly turned out to be a noteworthy achievement. DBS: Broly is as of now being hailed as one the best mythical serpent ball motion pictures at any point made.

Unique Broly

The first form of Broly was conceived around the time Goku was conceived. Goku used to sob for extensive stretches of time which prompted mental interruptions to a baby Broly. This drove Broly to detest Goku since the beginning. Ruler Vegeta condemned both Broly and his dad, Paragus, to death. In any case, on account of the assistance of Broly the two of them endure and figured out how to escape just before Frieza devastated Planet Vegeta.

This adaptation of Broly was truly shaky and as he developed, he turned out to be significantly increasingly brutal. His dad needed to plant a mind-control gadget to monitor Broly. Broly had 3 essential structures relying upon his perspective.

When he was under his dads' control, his capacity was enormously smothered and accordingly, Broly was on a similar dimension of a customary Super Saiyan. In this structure, he had blue-to-purple shaded hair and his capacity gradually expanded after some time. His second structure was only a bulkier variant of the past with no expansion in any kind of intensity.

Broly's third structure was the berserker state in which he totally lost control of himself. he built up hugely yet his speed stayed unaltered. His Power-level in this state is a long ways past that of a Super Saiyan 2 yet insufficient to overcome Goku, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks together. His Hair and air receive a marginally green tint too.


Broly in Dragon Ball Super was conceived around when Vegeta was conceived. In this rendition, he is exiled with his dad on a faraway planet by King Vegeta who was desirous of Broly's capacity level when contrasted with his child Vegeta. This form of Broly is substantially more rationally stable than his ancestor and is for the most part controlled by his dad.

Broly's structure in this variant is considerably more special, this is on the grounds that before he goes into his Super Saiyan structure he goes into a structure called Wrath state. The Wrath state encourages Broly to take advantage of his inward oozaru control in his base structure. The principle downside of this state is that one needs to forfeit command over his mind like the oozaru change. In his Super Saiyan structure, Broly is sufficiently able to battle both Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue structure. Pushed further, Broly later changed into his Legendary Super Saiyan structure which brought about the breaking of the very measurement because of his extraordinary power level.

BZ9 is a leading SEO, digital marketing, social media, website design, and development company that's settled in Egypt

We offer

Website design and development from A to Z

Managed cloud hosting

Management for your web site

Social media marketing

Promoting your web site through a digital marketing strategy

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What will business BZ9 do for digital marketing as a digital marketing company:

If you're having your own business and don't have enough time and you've got some concepts for growing up your business a lot of through digital promoting that's wherever a digital promoting company comes in.

We can assist you to grow old your business in multiple ways in which s like serving to you to succeed in your audience with organic and social media traffic like Google, YouTube, Facebook and most of the social media websites, we will additionally assist you to introduce your business in a very skilled video with motion graphic designed by our skilled designers, we will additionally assist you to rank in google and alternative search engines exploitation the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with our skilled consultants, we will additionally assist you to market your business web site with efficiency on Google through Google Adwords and convey you a lot of business, overall we'll assist you to require your business to future step with our promoting team, however its all up to you what select to settle on additionally you'll be able to opt for one amongst our digital marketing setups thus you'll choose that plan suits to your own digital marketing strategy

Why SEO is vital

SEO is one amongst the most effective tools these days since it helps you to induce traffics in simple approach once ar|you're} ranking in search engines you'll be able to get clients simply that are already sorting out your merchandise already as an example if somebody sorting out "dog toys" through Google the primary lead to google search are going to be a dog toys merchandise currently the customer goes to see these results one by one till he reach what he was trying to find.. thus as long as you're ranking within the initial pages you'll be able to get a lot of customers that they're already trying to find your product which implies a high likelihood for commercialism the merchandise

There are over ninetieth of net users like better to use Google computer program, and also the look of your website within the initial pages ensures you access to an oversized phase of the audience.

With our SEO consultants you'll be able to reach the highest ten ranking web site as they'll create the strategy for you and work thereon exploitation Keyword Analysis, On-Page improvement and Off-Page improvement since we have a tendency to ar one amongst the most effective SEO Company we have a tendency to still able to run through the net and that we are operating with nice websites already we have a tendency to improve computer program results by selecting the proper keywords.

Promote your web site on Google computer program.

Monitoring and following your website ranking and reportage.

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Even if you don't have your web site nevertheless our web site style consultants can assist you to settle on your excellent web site style and style it for you since we have a tendency to have already got prime web site designers beside that we are going to be able to manage it for you as we have a tendency to are an SEO agency and thru the net with our consultants you'll be able to reach the best results additionally we have a tendency to are giving all the SEO services as we mentioned earlier

Now if you're having an internet site or still puzzling over making your own website to start out your own business, stop puzzling over it and take a success we'll assist you to start out your web site from A to Z additionally our SEO consultants will assist you to succeed in your audience.

Drax the destroyer

Drax the destroyer is an amazing character which has many shades, will fans get to see his solo movie soon?

Drax is one of the most powerful and dumbest hero, he is kind and heart fill with the revenge. Drax has no interest in money, only avenging his family which killed by Thanos and Ronan.

In comic life

In comic the story line is different than in the movie, in the comic he belongs to the earth. He was driving thorough driving through a desert with his wife and daughter their car crashed by Thanos spaceship his daughter and wife survived but he died but his soul was captured and placed into most powerful body. He became Drax the destroyer with sole purpose to kill Thanos.

In the movie

Drax belong to space they he has his own planet, where he was living happily but his family killed by Thanos and Ronan. Since then he is aim is only to slay both of them.

Meeting Guardians

Drax meet Gamora in the cell along with Quill, Groot and Rocket. Drax saw Gamora and wants to kill her as she is working for Thanos and Ronan. He about to kill her but save by Quill, he explain to Drax that killing her will not help you if you keep her alive and wait for Thanos and Ronan to approach her then you can take your revenge.

They become a team to escape from the jail so whichthey did. Drax and other become a family and great team they saved the Xandar and get the title of "Guardian of the Galaxy".

Drax character is funny, loud, kind, strong and powerful, because of that he received a lot of appreciation from the audience. The way Drax character build in the Guardian of the Galaxy vol.2 increase more fan following.

Drax character played by Dave Bautista who did justice with his character with his performance and acting skills.

Infinity war

Infinity war brought death for not only Drax but for other Guardians as well when Thanos snap his fingers they all turned into dust.

Writers of the films are saying that all the death are real and permanent, but the actors confirmed that they are going to do Guardian of the Galaxy vol.3.

Solo movie on Drax the Destroyer

Dave Bautista is so happy with character he wants to have a solo movie on the Drax, he does not care even he will not be the part of the film.

In an interview he Bautista:

Talked about the fact that he really wants Marvel to explore the backstory of Drax. "I think it's a beautiful story and I think it's been lost and overlooked a little bit," he said. "It's a beautiful and heartbreaking emotional thing to know where that love for his family and that heartbreak over his family being lost and murdered, where it comes from I think."

He added. "I really wish they would because I think there's a story to be told there and I think the fans would really love to see that story, even if it's not me portraying Drax, I just think it is an interesting story to tell."

So let see if the maker will come up with a Drax solo movie or not. It will be interesting to see him alive again in the Avengers endgame.

Best frugal living tips that you should know

Frugality is based on the principle of "spending as necessary", some consider this action as stingy. But for me, it is relative to the level at which it is implemented and the objective pursued.

These tips do not seek to make you an Ebenezer Scrooge; on the contrary they are to help you discern in what you are investing your money and how you can save money. And if you have goals that you want to fulfil, how can you achieve them without getting into debt? I see them as an awareness of the use of our income. They would be surprised at the number of people who have income that can be considered "healthy" and still not enough and drown in debt. Avoid being one of these people.

Personally I do not consider myself an extremely frugal person, I have some habits that a feudalist would consider atrocious, but if I consider myself a person quoting his expenses and measured, I do not tend to spend on what is not necessary.

Myths of leading a frugal life:

• If I live frugally, I will be a millionaire (there may be extraordinary cases, but it is not common)

• Being frugal, is being stingy (That depends a lot on you and if you apply it in an extreme way)

• To live depriving oneself is not life. (It's relative to your goals, you choose to invest, and nobody prevents you from anything)

• The frugal people do not spend (they spend but they cut the expenses considered unnecessary)

• I will never eat rich or plentiful again. (Being frugal does not indicate that you should eat rice and noodles every day; keeping yourself healthy is a golden rule for not spending on medicines)

• I will be a hermit; I cannot have a social life. (You can leave everything you want; the choice of activities makes a difference.)

• My clothes will be old, worn and broken. (Only if you want it, nobody deprives you of buying clothes.)

And many more like these. Trust me; these are just a few examples.

To carry this philosophy forward you need two things: organization and planning. But do not be afraid, my friend, if none of these is your strong point. I will show you and help you so that you can specify what you propose.

These are some general tips; little by little on the blog I will develop ways to take them forward, with tips, recipes, and other tools so you can implement them successfully.

Best frugal living tips

1. Organize yourself monetarily; control your income and expenses.

2. Create a budget and stick to it.

3. Write a meal plan and the corresponding market list.

4. Never go shopping hungry.

5. Learn to cook.

6. If you do not have a freezer and you can have it, do it!

7. Buy in quantity.

8. Take advantage of discount coupons and promotions.

9. Buy in your neighborhood and in small shops.

10. Use the same ingredients in different foods.

11. Include less meat in your meals.

12. Incorporate more grains and legumes into your diet.

13. Make purchases once a week or every 15 days.

14. Eliminates soda and artificial juices. Drink water.

15. Make your own cleaning and hygiene products.

A list of Fancy dress ideas for kids

One of the funniest parties for children is coming! Carnivals and with them, the fun of dressing up, getting into the shoes of another character, playing roles and, above all, having fun. If you are already thinking what costumes your little one will wear this year, do not move from here because today I propose some homemade Fancy dress ideas for kids that you will surely love.

Fancy dress ideas for kids

1. Super-heroin

The superhero costume is one of my favourite's Fancy dress. It's very simple, you only need a T-shirt, the cape, some boots of the same colour (which can be replaced by a pair of tights or leotards), the tulle skirt with sewn stars and a hair ribbon with the matching wristbands, and we already have the costume.

2. Film director

Image result for Fancy dress for kids

This costume is very original and simple! We only need black pants, a knit jacket, a bow tie, a pretty one and white sports shoes. The rest of the costume can be prepared with cardboard; both the clapper and the megaphone.

3. Payasete

A lovely clown with striped stockings, converse style slippers, a colour tulle skirt (which we can do ourselves), a pair of suspenders and a white shirt and a clown's nose.

The truth is that it cannot be simpler and the result is very funny, it is one of my favourites.

4. Cute kitten

It is a beautiful costume, very simple to make and with some super nice results. What's more, it's so nice that you want to use it after carnivals too, right?

5. Carousel

Carrousel does need a little more elaboration, but it can only be made with cardboard! To the child we put white clothes so that the horse stands out and we already have it!

6. Astronaut

Astronaut is another of the costumes for children that we usually see all the carnivals. If you do not want to buy it already done, know that you can prepare it at home easily.

Image result for A list of Fancy dress ideas for kids

How to choose Fancy dress for kids

When choosing children's costume we have to take into account that the opinion of the child is very important. We will have to listen to their wishes and decide according to them. Finding a beautiful and cheap dress is could be a difficult task.

Coupled with this we cannot forget that costumes for children have to meet some characteristics that in adult costumes are not so important. The first: comfort. If the child cannot move freely, he will have a hard time and will want to take it off right away.

  • In addition, the costumes of children and babies have to be safe. Beware of the costumes of the stores "all a hundred". They can be very cheap, but also especially flammable. If our budget is small, we can find options at a good price without neglecting the quality of the clothes or encourage us to make our own costume with used clothes that we have at home. Surely the children will have a great time doing it.
  • There are beautiful costumes that can only be worn once because children grow up very fast. Let's propose to our friends and family a space for the exchange of costumes.
Tips to save money on online shopping

Tips to save money on online shopping

Save money through the Internet, more and more consumers are turning to the Internet to do their shopping. They do it because the purchases from their own home are very comfortable and to find great deals. Stores that sell over the Internet tend to have better prices than physical stores, since they have lower expenses, among which are not local expenses or personnel costs to meet sales. In this article we offer you some tips to save money through the Internet when you are shopping online:

You have to be patient to save money through the Internet

There is a continuous cycle of offers to save money through the Internet, but promotions expire and new offers come out. If you cannot find what you are looking for immediately, you have to be patient and check frequently if there are any offers. Many stores offer new promotions to their customers, either on their website or via email. With constant effort, it will not be long before you find what you are looking for at a discounted price.

Below are some Tips to save money online

Compare different websites to find the best price

There are hundreds of retailers that offer the same products at different prices, saving money online. Take your time and the assurance that you have the best offer. A good place to start is Google, looking at the offers available on Google Shopping. Then check the online stores that offer the product you are looking for or use comparators in the case of financial products or online insurance.

Take into account the shipping costs in the final price

Sometimes you can find an online product at a great price, but then you discover that the retailer charges a considerable amount of shipping costs. When you are comparing prices consider the costs of product shipping. It may be more beneficial to pay more for the product if the company charges less for the shipment. Be aware of the promotions that companies offer in the shipment of the product, being able to get free shipping and thus save money when buying over the Internet.

Check if there are coupons with discounts

Online coupon services are websites that track discount or promotional codes available online store at this time, so you can save money by making purchases online. These websites create huge databases of online coupons that offer the possibility of saving money when making your purchases online. In some coupon websites you can sign up for free, and sometimes you send an email or newsletter with the latest offers.

Create an alternative e-mail address

Many times when you subscribe to an online coupon service you will be required to provide an email address. Depending on the service and its privacy policy, this address may be given to other businesses to send you promotional material. It is a good idea to create a new email account so that your personal account is not filled with emails with ads. There are a large number of sites that offer free email accounts such as Gmail, MSN and Yahoo.

Do not obsess over a particular brand

As consumers, we sometimes have a tunnel vision, and we focus on a brand name and do not see other similar products that can be equally good or better and also cost less money. Keep an open mind while shopping, since you can save money.

Ask for help to save money online

One of the concerns that people have about shopping through the Internet is getting the right product. There is nothing worse than having an accessory product delivered to your home and discovering that it does not fit, or is not compatible. Most online shopping sites have an email address, phone number or online chat so you can get in touch with customer service. If you're not sure exactly what model number to buy, just ask. Online stores are more than willing to provide assistance. A few minutes of consultation you can save headaches and weeks of shipping time.

Read the comments of the products

One of the biggest advantages of online shopping is the ability to access information instantly. Before making a purchase, especially a large one, it is a good idea to check the product's opinions. You can also search for comments written by consumers to get the prospect of the buyer. It takes only a few minutes to read about the products and it is a time well spent.

Consider reimbursements

Sometimes manufacturers offer discounts after making a purchase. In a society where it is now always better than later, it is easy to ignore the rebates to receive an instant discount and thus save money through the Internet. Keep in mind the reimbursements of the products you buy in case you have a problem and you have to return it.

Plan your purchases in advance

If you are going to buy on a certain date such as Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary, planning the purchase is important to save money. It usually takes a few extra days to make purchases online, because the product has to be sent to your home. On the other hand, if you are pressed for time, you are more likely to give up a good deal just so you can get the product on time.

What is a WordPress hosting?HostAdvice choose your best hosting plan


WordPress is a PHP based CMS that uses MySQL data to store data. This means that any web hosting service that meets the basic WordPress requirements can store and provide content.Hosting is the service to host webs so they can be accessed from the internet. Therefore, a WordPress Hosting is a web hosting service specialized in WordPress.

Transfer WordPress installations yourself without cost and in just a few clicks using the HostAdvice. We offer a professional migration service best hosting services for WordPress in discount prices plans.

Things to keep in mind to choose our WordPress hosting

Space:Depending on the size of your project you will need more or less storage space, which, as expected, will increase as the contents of the website grow. HostAdvice recommend you to find a hosting provider that offers you change at any time of the plan, being able to start in a basic one that you can scale according to your growth. It will also be important that our hosting provider keep us informed about the status of our account, sending us notices when HostAdvice are close to the space limit.

Bandwidth: In case of having a contracted bandwidth less than you need it is possible that you will find load problems on the web and users will be dissatisfied when visiting you and not being able to see the information they were looking for about your business.

Operating system: Really, if you are not an advanced user it is likely that this element is not so important for you. But if you have an administrator or webmaster that controls these issues it is important that you ask if you have any preferences.

Reliability and availability: Before hiring any hosting plan for WordPress, look for information and opinions from other users in forums. Due to our experience in different web projects and with different hosting companies, we would say that you try to apply the maximum of "what is cheap is expensive", but our HostAdvice team providing best reliability serves for word press hosting.

Level of security: There are hosting plans that have special anti-hacking protections highly recommended, especially if you are a user without advanced knowledge in the subject. In this case HostAdvice providing safe and secure hosting plans.

Customer service: Having a good customer service in an uninterrupted way will allow you not to incur web falls that may be delayed in time. Look for opinions in forums about the assistance and customer service of the different hosting providers before choosing yours as it is one of the elements that make the difference.

Additional services: There are hosting providers focused on people with high knowledge in systems that generally have terrible customer service, although at an unbeatable price. HostAdvice recommendation is that if you do not want to devote time or effort to the maintenance of your website from this technical point of view, look for a provider with excellent customer best hosting services for WordPress and additional services that you can subcontract punctually to any problem that may occur. For more information and queries you can visit our webpagehostadvice.com and feel free to ask question, we are available 38 hours will response you fast.

5 of the Best Apps You Need to Download for 2019

5 of the Best Apps You Need to Download for 2019

There are so many apps to choose from and it can be hard to choose which ones are the best. Here are 5 of the best apps you need to download for 2019.

C:\Users\Kathir\Documents\5 of the Best Apps You Need to Download for 2019.jpg

Did you know that in 2018 there were over 2 million mobile apps ready to be downloaded?

That's a great statistic for any technology lover out there, but with so many apps to choose from, how could you ever know which ones are deserving enough to make it onto your phone?

So, instead of taking the time to research them all, we did the hard work for you and found some of the best apps in both Apple's app store and the Google Play Store.

These five apps are entertaining, helpful and highly rated by mobile users, making them some of the best apps for 2019.

1. Hyperlapse

Whether it be for your website, a presentation or even just content for social media, time-lapse videos are both fun to make and intriguing to watch, but have you ever wondered how to make these amazing time-lapse videos? Thanks to the app Hyperlapse, you no longer have to wonder.

This app allows you to create polished and professional time-lapse videos that were almost previously impossible to create without hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars worth of equipment. The best part about this app? It's completely free.


PLAYJ takes video chatting to a whole new level by incorporating screen sharing and extra entertainment. You can watch videos and play games all while virtually hanging out with your friends and family; however, it's important to know that this is a beta app, so don't be discouraged if you encounter a few bugs throughout your experience.

So, go ahead and send out a mass text to your friends and tell them to connect with you on PLAYJ.

3. Sky Guide

Sky Guide allows any astronomy amateur to stargaze with ease by identifying constellations in real time, locating specific stars and even pointing out space stations and satellites.

And all you have to do is simply hold your phone toward the sky, and the app will do the rest. Plus, with a variety of features, Sky Guide has something for all age groups and experience levels. At only $2.99, this app is definitely worth spending a few bucks on.

4. Streaks

Do you have a never-ending list of all the things you want to start doing? Maybe you want to quit smoking, read a book for 10 minutes a day or simply make a point to cook at home three times a week?

The Streaks app allows you to choose up to 12 tasks you want to turn into daily habits and helps you track how many times you complete those tasks. It's like an accountability coach that fits in your pocket and only costs $4.99. You can even link Streaks to your Apple Watch for instant access.

5. Zombies, Run!

Did you know that 80 percent of New Year's resolutions are broken by the second week of February? If getting in shape or exercising was your New Year's resolution this year, Zombies, Run! has your back. Literally.

It plays sounds of zombies chasing you to encourage you to run faster. But don't worry, you don't hear brain-eating zombies throughout your entire workout. There's also a dystopian story that the narrator takes you through during your zombie adventure.

Best Apps For 2019

As the years advance, so does the app technology. We know how tricky it is to stay up to date on all of the best apps, but these five apps are at the top of our list for 2019.

Did you enjoy this article? If so, make sure to take a look at our blog for more expert technical advice.

Moiz Raza

Get Your Learn On! Here's How to Build a Website with a Web Content Management System for Your Online College

How to Build a Website with a Web Content Management System

A web content management system gives you an easy way to manage your content. If you need a CMS for your online college, here's how to set one up.

About 69% of people who graduate from high school enroll in college. Taking that massive percentage and applying it to the fact that populations are trending upwards, it's clear that there is tremendous opportunity for people starting businesses in the education space.

If you're launching an online college to give people the knowledge they're looking for in a fun and convenient way, the first thing you're going to need is a solid website.

But you're into education, not technology... How can you build a website?

Through web content management systems (CMS).

Content management systems embody a variety of platforms that make getting a robust website launched simple. Below, we go over some quick tips on how to get your college's site off the ground.

1. Pick a Web Content Management System

Your first step to getting things up and running is to pick a CMS. Your CMS will be the platform that you'll build your website on it will have a profound impact on how easily you can build and manage your vision.

Our RebelMouse team offers a unique and ultra-flexible content management system that you can learn more about here.

2. Choose a Domain Name

Now that you have a web content management system in mind, it's time to pick your domain name. Your domain name is the address people will type into their web browser to access your online college (www.my-online-college-example.com).

You can register a domain name with any online registrar (NameCheap, GoDaddy, etc.).

Try to get a .edu extension on the back of your domain for added credibility.

3. Select a Web Host

Web hosts are companies that house your website on the world wide web. The better your web host is, the faster and more reliable your website will be.

There are hundreds of web hosts out there so be sure to read reviews carefully and watch out for bait and switch pricing which is very common.

Depending on the content management system you chose, your web host may offer "1-Click Install" options to make integrating your CMS simple. These features will typically be advertised on your web host's sales pages.

4. Install Your CMS on Your Web Host

Once you have access to your web host's "cPanel" (it's control panel), it's time to install your content management system!

If your web host has "1-Click Install", just find the option and click it. If it doesn't, you'll need to install your content management system manually.

To make the manual installation process as easy as possible, consider looking for tutorials on manual installation via sites like Udemy.

There is a lot of debate revolving around "is Udemy worth it", but they do tend to have solid tech tutorials.

Wrapping Things Up

With your web content management system installed, simply access your content management system's control panel, make tweaks as is needed, and launch your site when you're ready!

We hope you found this information helpful and invite you to learn more about our creator-driven tools at RebelMouse to understand how they can power your new online education platform!

Generating Leads: How to Market Your Diesel Generator Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing Marketing: Content Ideas for Generator Manufacturers

No matter your industry, you need quality content to stay in the game. Are you trying to develop a successful manufacturing marketing plan? Here's how!

The goal of almost every piece of content you write is to help you create growth for your company.

As a diesel generator manufacturing business, you know that you have more of a niche market than other kinds of companies. What you're not quite as certain about?

How to create compelling and informative manufacturing marketing strategies and content that helps you to generate more leads than ever before for your brand.

In this post, we'll tell you about a few of the latest trends in manufacturing marketing. You'll learn about how to use these trends to find your target market faster, shorten your overall buying cycle, and increase your authority within the industry.

Ready to begin your takeover?

If so, then read on.

Embrace Video Marketing

Especially as a manufacturing company, you need to find ways to market your brand that showcase not only your efficiency, but also the finer features of your generators.

Using video marketing allows you to do just that -- and may even be more popular than print marketing alone.

Recent digital marketing stats certainly back up this claim.

In fact, nearly 3/4 of consumers say that, when given the choice between watching a marketing video about a product or reading an article about it, they'd much rather watch a video.

Plus, video marketing gives you lots of different formatting options.

You can create a time-lapse video that shows your manufacturing process from start to finish. This gives consumers an "insider's look" at how you do things. You could get on social media and do a live question and answer session, which helps to promote brand transparency.

You could even create a tutorial video that discusses the smaller features of your generators. It will encourage companies to work with you as a manufacturer.

Make sure that you've also taken the time to properly tag and categorize your video. This means including keywords in your video's title and description, and even in the closed captions.

Conduct and Share Industry Research

Whether you have an industrial generator for sale, or if you mainly manufacture residential generators, there's one thing you need to focus on when it comes to marketing.

A strong manufacturing marketing is one that establishes your company as an authority. But what if, besides helping your brand become a leader within the industry, you could also create content that's highly shareable?

If you conduct your own market research and create a post filled with statistics, analysis, and other data points, you can make that happen. Don't only write opinion pieces. Posts that contain information about your industry backed up by thorough research are much more likely to be shared.

This means that you'll enjoy an increase in traffic to your website, as well as higher rankings in the search engine results.

For example, you could create a list of manufacturing statistics as they relate to the average lifespan of a generator. Or, how long a generator can keep an industrial company running. Or even a post about how many generators a specific kind of business needs.

You could also write up a case study about a particular client that you worked with (check out these ideas on how to make it happen.)

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you choose to research, as well as how you share it. Include your research report in an e-newsletter, as well as sending it out to popular industry websites and blogs.

You can easily create infographics based off of individual data points. You can upload these to social media, where they'll be shared and seen even more.

Increase Your Online Reviews

When people think about marketing for manufacturers, they often think about strategies like creating different buyer personas, cost analysis, and even answering their most asked questions in a blog post.

While these are all certainly effective strategies, you also need to think about one of the most effective parts of your manufacturing marketing strategy: your company's reputation online.

Online reviews are the foundation of your brand's reputation.

Another important marketing manufacturing statistic? As many as 90% of consumers read reviews about a product or company before they make any kind of purchasing decision.

This means that people will expect your online listings, as well as your website itself, to have this kind of feedback from customers.

If you have no or very few reviews, leads will either assume that past customers have been unhappy or that you don't have the level of experience they're looking for.

Online reviews also work well as a lead generation tactic. They allow potential clients to see how you interact with your customers.

For example, if someone leaves you a less-than-glowing review, do you get defensive? Or, do you work to make the client happy and address the situation head-on?

Don't be afraid to incentivize your clients to leave reviews.

Offer to enter them into a giveaway, give them a percentage off of their next order, or even feature their reviews on your social media pages or website.

Use These Manufacturing Marketing Ideas to Generate Leads

We hope that this post has given you some fresh -- and surprisingly simple -- ideas about to how generate leads with your manufacturing marketing strategy.

Whether you choose to create a video campaign, conduct industry research, or even beef up your online reviews, you need expert help to do it the right way.

With a combination of deep technology and creativity, we can help you to take your marketing to the next level.

Reach out to us today to get started.

Money Talks: 10 Financial Content Marketing Strategies for Your Firm

Looking to attract more customers to your site? Check out these financial content marketing strategies to get started.

One of the most challenging things for financial services is getting enough traffic to their website. Financial content is the key to solving this problem.

Many people ask if it's worth the time and investment. Content marketing works, especially for financial firms.

C:\Users\Kathir\Pictures\10 Financial Content Marketing Strategies for Your Firm.jpg

Content marketing gets more leads per dollar than paid search. Even now, content marketing remains hotter than ever.

If you want to know how to up your content game for your financial services firm, keep reading to find out what it takes.

What Can Content Marketing Do for You?

There's a lot of confusion as to what defines content marketing. It's creating and publishing content for an audience.

Sounds pretty simple, right? There's a lot more involved than just creating and pushing content. You need a strategy and a lot of patience. Content marketing is like playing a long game. It has a compound effect that will pay off with consistent action.

Content marketing is used for a number of reasons.

Companies will use content marketing to drive sales, create awareness, generate leads, or to get your audience engaged.

Reading through these tips will help you use financial content marketing to make a difference in your business.

Financial Content Marketing Strategies

It's not enough to write a blog post, make a social media post and help that it goes viral. You need to have the foundations of your content marketing strategy mapped out before you even write your first Facebook post.

1. Have a Vision

The very first thing you need to do with content marketing is to have a very clear vision as to how you want it to work for your financial services company.

This is a good time to get out a whiteboard and get to work.

You'll need to note your target audience, main messages, and what you do want people to do when they consume your content.

You'll also ask yourself a key question: Why? Why are you investing time and energy into content marketing? What do you expect it to do for you?

Your answer is the core of your vision.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Who are you writing for? Your content needs to speak directly to your audience. If you target millennials, what are some of their financial worries? Student loans, buying a first home are going to be some of their main financial concerns you'll want to address in your content.

For wealthy couples getting ready to retire, you can talk about leaving a legacy and how to continue to build for generations.

3. What Do They Do?

Let's say you have a killer content strategy that drives a lot of traffic to your website. What do you want them to do when they get there?

Do they download a white paper? Sign up for your list? Book an appointment?

You need to know this ahead of time because the success of your strategy depends on the actions people take.

4. Do You Know FINRA?

The words FINRA and content marketing are usually enough to scare companies away from creating content.

FINRA is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Rule 2210 governs communications between all financial institutions and the public. Basically, you need to have your communications approved before it's published.

Make sure your approval process is a part of your content execution strategy.

5. Understand the Types of Content Marketing

There's so much more to content marketing than writing a Tweet or blog post. You have a ton of options to create great content.

You'll want to consider images, infographics, photos, testimonials, case studies, videos, white papers, social media post, blogs, and email can all be used to move your audience closer to working with you.

6. Always Provide Value

There are millions of content providers out there. Bloggers, magazines, financial publishers all are competing with you to have the best content.

In order to stand out against so many publishers, your content has to top. Not just good, not just done, but it has to be great.

This article on borrowell loans is a good example of educating customers on these types of loans.

Your headline needs to be crafted to get people to click. Your introduction has to be compelling enough to get people interested. The rest of your content has to make it worth it to someone to spend 3 minutes out of their day to read it.

Plus, the design of your blog has to be easy to read across devices.

7. Be Patient

Patience and consistency. Those aren't exactly words you'd associate with the fast-paced financial Move

As noted earlier, content marketing is like playing the long game. It's not a marketing play that you use if you're desperate for sales.

When you commit to content marketing, it's wise to take a quarterly approach. Commit to being consistent for 90 days. Note your improvements, make adjustments, then commit to another 90 days.

You'll slowly start to see the payoff and you can continue to build on your success.

8. Use Infographics

Infographics can be huge for financial content marketing. Not many people appreciate an article, but they can consume information visually.

Financial content that's through an infographic can be shared a lot and drive traffic to your site.

With infographics, it's important for information to flow vertically and include your logo with a link back to your website.

9. Leverage Others' Content & Popularity

One simple way to provide value is to curate content that others have written. For example, you can do an article that summarized the best financial news of the week.

You might compile stories that matter to others.

Once you do that, be sure to link to those articles, too. It can help you generate backlinks and SEO.

Interviewing people can be a great way to grow your content. If you interview an expert in your field who already has a big following, you can gain exposure to their audience.

10. Be Open to New Ideas

Content marketing for financial services offers a lot of opportunities to grow your business. It's important to provide value and a fresh perspective will help you stand out.

Being open to new ideas will help set you apart. Don't be afraid to try something new and find that it didn't work. Taking some risk will help you get good results.

Financial Content Can Bring New Business

Content marketing doesn't have to be a mystery. All you have to do is to educate and entertain your prospects consistently with your financial content.

It's that consistent part that's tricky, but if you create a schedule an stick to it, you'll have success.

Want more great tips? Check out our guide for monetizing your website.

The Online Movie Rental Market - Online, Affordable and Dependable

The web movie rental market is gaining more and more steam these days and it doesn't show signs of slowing down. More people everyday are registering for typically the most popular and fastest growing online movie streaming providers.

The best way to create the best features of most these providers with a service that is online, affordable and dependable is to guide the one system that brings many of these items together into one. The convenience of experiencing all the films online and having them readily available for download is the one thing you ought to look for in an online movie rental company. You will actually find this type of service.

Apart from the fact that this new and incredibly reliable company already exists, the cost you'll pay to have all this in the hands will be almost nothing if compared to other services that may only enable you to watch the movie online without to be able to download it. Or even though you compare to a simple rental store.

In the event that you and your household love to enjoy your precious times together while enjoying an excellent movie but can't stand paying out the costly fees of DVD rental stores, you will see a much better way to repair this issue with the deals that such online movie rental market offers.

And if you still enjoy to have the movies synopsis and know exactly which movies you want to purchase or watch online, such websites offer all the info so you'll know where to go.

Probably the most varied genres, probably the most extensive listings. All you can ask at a rental service is what you will find with this program of online based company and believe Layarkaca21, you won't regret being section of it one bit.

While many individuals may consider joining an online movie rental service, there might be something holding them back. Specifically, they may be worried about the caliber of the online movie rental stream. It is understandable that consumers could be concerned. All things considered, why would anyone wish to rent a movie that they may not see or hear? However, to have such concerns betrays the fact the customer is confusing a movie stream with that of a webcam broadcast.

This confusion is understandable as well. Often, cable news programs will feature "live streams" from around the world which can be of decidedly weak video quality. Nobody might want to view a movie with such poor video excellent. Thankfully, they do not need to as the caliber of the movie streams which can be broadcast will be significantly a lot better than what most would be prepared to be connected with the term stream.

Listed here is something consumers have to be made conscious of: the caliber of the video streams on these rental sites is identical to that of DVD quality. Which means the audio and video of the movie presentation will be pristine and clear. It will definitely not function as the scratchy or jumpy image connected with television webcam streams. Simply speaking, whenever you wish to view classic or modern films, they'll be of the exact same quality of your home DVD. However, the picture quality could prove even better since some streams are offered in high definition. That alone could make the whole viewing experience completely unforgettable.

The technology to stream audio and video has improved significantly in the last several years. This has created a courageous new global for on-line film renting inside the form of streaming snap shots. Long can also it reign!

Job Security of Government Jobs in Indiа

The Government of Indiа hаs mаny depаrtments. Rаilwаys, Telephone services, Municipаlity Services, Administrаtive Services, Heаlth Services, Legаl Services, Public Sector Bаnks etc. аre few of the importаnt ones. For the functioning of these depаrtments, there is а requirement for stаff. Lots of men аnd women аre recruited in the government offices for the functioning of the respective depаrtment.

Beginning from the grаde four level (lowest) stаff till clаss one officers there аre vаrious kinds of posts in government offices. There аre millions of government employees working аll over Indiа. The government of Indiа аlso provides security for а lаrge number of employees.


Government jobs аre regаrded аs highly secure аnd stаble аnd аre preferred over jobs by mаny Indiаns. There аre mаny reаsons for which Government Jobs in Indiа аre regаrded аs very secure аnd stаble. Some of them аre:

  1. There's not аny risk of loss of job, becаuse the Government of Indiа is а permаnent body.
  2. There is not аny risk of аny decrement of sаlаries аs per work. Till the close of the service but demotions or decrements never occur in govt the sаlаries will only hаve increments. Jobs.
  3. A guаrаntee is of pаy for work. If one month's sаlаry couldn't be given due to some reаsons, then the sаlаry is given аlong with the sаlаry of the following month. A person gets pаid for his or her work, аnd there's not аny loss of sаlаry irrespective of economic or performаnce conditions.
  4. The Government of Indiа declаres festivаl bonus, which аdds up to the income to meet the requirements during festivаls.
  5. Some аmount of this sаlаry is deducted аnd is kept аs Provident Fund thаt is lent аs а loаn. And if he or she doesn't use the PF, then they get the PF аmount with interest during retirement.
  6. There's а proper аnd time limitаtion for working hours. In no cаse cаn this be protrаcted, if it's prolonged then the worker is pаid for the work done by him.
  7. All the public holidаys аs declаred by the government аre аlso аpplicаble to government employees, аnd they need not work on those dаys. Some extrа optionаl holidаys аre аlso given.
  8. The worker is given а fixed number of Cаsuаl leаves, lаrgely 15 dаys. Though he is on leаve, he is pаid. If he is sick, these help the worker.
  9. The Government of Indiа аllows а specific cаtegory's stаff to form into аssociаtions for their аdvаntаge. These аssociаtions cаn clаim аny аdvаntаge from the government if they feel thаt's necessаry. If they аre in аny problem relаted to their 18, these аssociаtions аlso come to аssist their colleаgues. By this, there is а security to the employees from being exploited, аnd they cаn be spаred.
  10. The employees аre given pensions to meet their needs аfter retirement. In cаse of deаth of the individuаl, the pension is hаnded over to the employee's pаrtner or nominee.
  11. In cаse of deаth of аn employee, the job is given to а member of their household if а need аrises. He mаy be given some job аs per his quаlificаtion if the member of their household is not eligible to the аrticle.
  12. The Government of Indiа аlso provides with severаl аdditionаl аllowаnces like HRA (House Rent Allowаnces), TA (Trаveling Allowаnces) аnd DA (Deаrness Allowаnces) to the worker аs mаy be deemed necessаry.
  13. The government by the rаnk of the worker аlso gives him with the аllowаnce of аn LTC (Leаve аnd Trаvel Concession) where the government beаrs the chаrges of а holidаy trip of аn employee аnd the people dependent on him, i.e., his fаmily once or twice а yeаr by the rules.
  14. Heаlth Security is аnother feаture of the Indiаn Government where the government beаrs the burden of аny ill-heаlth of the worker himself or some others determined by him. There аre аlso sepаrаte hospitаls orgаnized for the purpose of the government.
  15. In the cаse of rаilwаys, the government pаys the children of employees' educаtion.